Our startups

EVOLEM Start was founded to accompany innovative projects in their business development.

Please find below its portfolio :


ocus, ouiflash, evolem start

A platform of over 20 000 photographers and moviemakers, managing the whole visual production process for key accounts, from appointment booking to post-production.


Les Opticiens mobiles, Evolem Start

First national opticians network at home and in EHPAD.


Swikly, Evolem Start

Swikly is a safe, third party online payment system that allows users to secure reservations or security deposits via a credit/debit card imprint.


Amoéba provides industry with the most powerful organic biocide to eliminate microorganisms in water. They have a worldwide patent on a unique biocide demonstrating efficient antimicrobial activity (legionella, pseudomonas, listeria…)


Leader in massively parallel microprocessors for critical embedded applications and data centers.


Founded in 2005, Woonoz is the European leader in adaptative learning. Based on neurosciences and Artificial Intelligency, Woonoz has created “Ancrage mémoriel”, which is a personalised and efficient way of learning. Proof of this success: The Voltaire Project, an online spelling training tool.


Luko has developed a straightforward, transparent home insurance, that is equitable and associated with sensors to prevent disasters.


Tilkee is a software provider located in Lyon which helps marketing and commercial teams to be more efficient thanks to its tracking solutions for digital documents.


Connected smartboxes for analysing and identifying sources of environmental pollution (gas, odours, noise and airborne particles).


touch & sell

SaaS commercial presentation solution allowing salespeople to be more efficient in appointments


monsieur gourmand evolem start

Mr. Gourmand offers multi-site catering services to companies to help organise events simultaneously throughout France.


The mobile application scans and optimizes insurance contracts. It is used by all new banks.


monisnap, evolem start

Monisnap offers an innovative fully digital instant service for sending money abroad from web and smartphone platforms.


innovorder, evolem start
Innovorder offers software and hardware solutions for the digitization of restaurants.


Bliink, Evolem Start

Bliink creates and manages In-Image digital advertising campaigns using semantic analysis and image recognition technology.


smartrenting Evolem start

Smartrenting proposes legal sublease agreements for short-term housing, which are 100% guaranteed and insured.


SaaS solution for managing new home modification requests.


Data mapping platform.