An entrepreneurial investment approach

Developing companies requires long-term strategic vision. 

An active shareholder alongside the management team

SharE a strategic vision

  • A flexible and available strategic committee
  • Close partnership with directors
  • Small and responsive team

CreatE value

  • Value is generated by the project, the team and its strategy
  • Strong external growth culture, source of synergies

ENSURE long-term growth

  • Reinvestment funds to drive growth
  • No exit deadline


  • Cautious financial levers
  • Promoting men and women
  • Long-term vision


Building tomorrow’s leaders


Build up strategy through acquisitions

Niche markets with consolidation opportunities

Long-term strategy with no exit deadline

Active support of the management team


SME with revenues of €10 to 100 million (at least €2M for build-up)

Proven and profitable business model, founded on marketing and innovation 

Exclusively majority-stake operations

Equity investment up to €25M