Feedback on the inauguration ceremony at EDEN SCHOOL

7 December 2017Evolem, Communication, Evolem Citoyen

EDEN SCHOOL is a project which has become a reality since the start of the school year in September.

It was initiated by Pierre Mailliet, ex-CIO by Insign, Hélène Ribeiro, psychologist and career counsellor, as well as by Ségolène de Montgolfier, project manager of Evolem Citoyen. This idea of a digital school for 14-18 year-old teenagers had been evolving for 2 years before seeing the light of day in Villeurbanne.

The Inauguration ceremony was the opportunity to present students to financial partners, sponsors and to everyone who has helped EDEN SCHOOL in one way or another.

Evolem is proud to participate with Evolem Citoyen and Insign in this really great project, and we hope to support many more such projects!

We invite you to read Pierre Mailliet’s article on the EDEN SCHOOL website.
If you would like to support the school :