Acoem celebrates its 30th birthday

19 December 2017Industrial and Environment Monitoring

01dB, Acoem, Acoem group

30 years ago, Patrick Luquet and Adam Rozwadowski created an innovative acoustics brand  : 01dB, a combination of computing “01” with acoustics “dB”. In 1988, Acsoft became the 1st retailer and thanks to the buyout of the Toulouse company Aclan in 1996, 01dB has become the sole producer of French sonometers. The story continues with the Acoem group, that Evolem has been accompanying in it’s development since 2011.

Besides its birthday, Acoem drew attention at the 8th edition of the national conference for environmental sound quality with several hot topics : the partnership with the Noise Capture project with the CNRS (the National Scientific Research Council) and IFFSTAR (the French Institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks), the launching of a new concept of acoustic sensors SPOT or other innovative offers mixing acoustic and air pollution following the buyout of the Australian company ECOTECH.

Happy birthday and long live loud noise !